What does ‘best practice’ email marketing look like for Wattbike?

Find out how email automations have been integral to the success of Wattbike's email marketing....
PAASE x Wattbike partnership

218% revenue increase for Wattbike

An introduction to Wattbike


Wattbike was born more than 20 years ago with one goal – to create the ultimate indoor training bike. In pursuit of this goal, they have created impressive, reliable indoor bikes that offer unparalleled measurements in performance, power and pedalling technique feedback, giving Wattbikers instant insight to get the most out of their workouts.  


Expertly crafted and designed in the UK, Wattbikes are tough enough to withstand elite athletes in training, while beautiful enough to sit in the homes of everyday athletes too.   


Initial needs  


Restricted by the limitations of Campaign Monitor, Wattbike turned to PAASE and Klaviyo to kick start the project of migrating to a more suitable platform that would work seamlessly with their website as well as create room for growth to launch into two new territories: Australia & USA.  


What the Wattbike team were looking for  


Wattbike started its partnership with PAASE with a few goals to achieve: platform migration, core set-up, automation and expansion. The swift migration from Campaign Monitor to Klaviyo meant PAASE could build Wattbike’s customer journey to maximise their email marketing growth. Owned marketing is a key part of Wattbike’s growth strategy and with Klaviyo, PAASE has been able to deliver that.   


PAASE built the core functionalities with a focus on developing more of the welcome journey to educate and onboard new prospects into the brand. PAASE continued to work cohesively with Wattbike constructing additional marketing automations focusing on the customer’s behaviour and actions.  Optimising the Welcome flow with exclusive offers has now become a tactic in driving revenue for Wattbike.   


What does ‘best practice’ look like?  


Automations have been integral to the success of Wattbikes email marketing, including add-to cart, browse abandonment & basket abandonment. An issue was identified with the customer experience of Klaviyo’s last-click browse abandonment – Klaviyo only allowed the customer to see the product last clicked.   


This was not ideal when a customer viewed a Wattbike Atom and then progressed to browse an accessory, which resulted in an email about the accessory rather than the smart bike. To overcome this issue, PAASE were able to build a conditional split to allow customers to see specific products/high-value items that the customer had browsed prioritising the most prominent products.  


Content Marketing Manager, Jess Dalgliesh said: “Email marketing has been one of our top-performing channels for us since we upgraded to Klaviyo. The expertise and support PAASE has given us in creating new automated flows, optimising our campaigns, and segmenting our data to make sure our email marketing is effective has been excellent.”   


Email marketing results  


Find out how PAASE worked with Wattbike to achieve 218% increase in revenue – download our Case Study below.

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