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eCommerce podcast #7: Retention Strategies for increasing share of wallet in eCommerce

We all know that acquisition is getting more and more expensive and tougher. There’s so much competition out there, and it’s so easy for anyone to open an ad account and throw some cash into the mix.


Use your data. Take that data from your existing customers. Use it across the whole marketing ecosystem to grow.

eCommerce podcast #6: Personalised product discovery for eCommerce using Klaviyo & Octane AI

In this episode, Phill Manson talks on the focus  on using customer data to drive business growth via CRM automation programs using Klaviyo and Octane AI.

eCommerce podcast #5: The art of segmented email lists & sending hyper-personalised emails

Discover Phill’s expert approach to segmentation and personalisation without overwhelming customers with too many messages, plus his investment philosophy and the key pillars he looks for when investing in a company.

eCommerce podcast #4: How to utilise email marketing to grow your company and overcome the biggest challenges

Tune into this episode to understand the truth about blanket emails, why email marketing is so important to retaining customers and how you can strive and overcome stumbling blocks in your eCommerce business.


Find out how to improve your welcome sequence and what makes Klaviyo one of the best Email Platforms for eCommerce stores.

eCommerce podcast #3: How can brands maximise value from customer data across multi channel

In this episode, Phill Manson, MD of PAASE discusses how a retention led strategy can increase sales and conversion.


This episode highlights the value of customer data – the real insight. Customer Data Platforms – what are they and who needs one. Design vs. Deployment – what’s the debate and why?

eCommerce podcast #2: Email v TikTok: which channel is most effective?

In the episode, Callum McKeefery show host and CEO of talks to Phill Manson, founder and CEO of PAASE Digital the marketing automation specialists, and Joe Marston and Liam Dean, co-founders and owners of For You Advertising, the leading TikTok agency that creates UGC that converts.

eCommerce podcast #1: Top tips from a Klaviyo Master

In this episode Callum McKeefery, host and CEO of is in discussion with Phill Manson, the Managing Director and Founder of PAASE – the first EMEA Klaviyo Master Elite partner.


They discuss the best approach to email marketing, SMS, retention, data usage, customer life time value, the centralisation of activity to better control brand communications and the changes in the market over the next 18 months.