PAASE: Customer Journey Masterclass

The PAASE team recently held a masterclass event on how to improve your customer journey to increase revenue. The event was attended by experts from some of the leading SAAS platforms who shared their insights on various topics related to improving customer experience....
PAASE customer journey masterclass

Customer Journey Masterclass 

  • Phill Manson – What foundations are required to build effective customer journeys?
  • Klevu – Top Tips to increase conversion rate through product discovery
  • – A strategic analysis of reviews and UGC
  • Phill Manson & Tom Heasman – Building effective personalised customer journeys
  • Klaviyo: Including SMS in the customer journey
  • Recharge – Leveraging the Klaviyo integration to increase LTV and retention
PAASE customer journey topic 

The event began with a talk by Phill Manson, who emphasised the importance of understanding the customer journey. He highlighted that many brands focus more on unit sales rather than customer experience, and this can negatively impact customer retention. Phill also discussed the impact of the subscription model on retention marketing and the importance of having the right level of expertise within the organisation.



Why focus on the customer experience?



  • A poor website experience leads to less conversion
  • A high CPA reduces profitability
  • A bad experience leads to negative referrals
  • A higher email frequency leads to higher unsubscribes if you don’t listen to the customer
Klevu customer journey topic

Klevu, a search and product discovery platform, shared their insights on how product discovery is an untapped area that can drive revenue growth. They discussed the key signs of product discovery problems and their Product Discovery Suite, which includes Smart Search, Smart Category Merchandising, and Smart Recommendations.



80% of large enterprises will need to have a conversational-technology-focused centre of excellence or skills resource. According to Gartner, search and product discovery is untapped, and could be key to driving revenue growth.


Key signs of product discovery problems:



  • Customers are struggling to find products, no results, out of stocks
  • Merchandising teams are struggling to keep up with merchandising demands
  • Revenue growth
  • Retailers need a quick way to maximise traffic already coming to their websites

Klevu Product Discovery Suite



Smart Search


Klevu Smart Search is a powerful and extensible ecommerce search solution that delivers search results based on shopper intentions and behaviour, all in real-time.



Smart Category Merchandising

Take shopping experiences to the next level with our AI-powered algorithm which automatically optimises the ranking order of products on category pages.



Smart Recommendations

Leverage Klevu machine-learning to power sitewide recommendations, including homepage, collection page, PDP, and checkout page. customer journey topic provided a strategic analysis of reviews and user-generated content, highlighting the importance of automating your processes to scale customer engagement. They also discussed the importance of responding to 1-star reviews and using time delays to pre-empt issues.

What should a Review tool give you?



  • Product reviews
  • Stars in Google
  • Third Party Reviews
  • Integrated & future proofed
  • Smart Collection

Automate your Process


Customers who feel valued will return, but to do this at scale you need to automate your processes



  • Link complimentary tech, Klaviyo, Gorgias etc
  • 1 Star reviews are 5 x more likely to be viewed
  • Set time delays, pre-empt issues
PAASE customer journey topic (talk 2)

Phill Manson and Tom Heasman also discussed how to build effective personalised customer journeys. They emphasised that personalisation should be a bespoke process that delivers relevant customer communications across every touchpoint. 



They shared figures from the LinkedIn Ecommerce Survey 2021, which showed that 91% of consumers are more willing to do business with a company that provides offers directly relevant to them. They also touched on driving effective marketing automation.



What does personalisation mean to you?



  • Merging in a customers first name into an email
  • Sending an email to a customer based on their previous activity (web visit or purchase)
  • A bespoke process that delivers relevant customer comms across every touch point
  • 72% Say they only interact with messages aimed directly at them
  • 74% of customers become frustrated when their email communication experience isn’t personalised

*Figures taken from LinkedIn Ecommerce Survey 2021


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Klaviyo customer journey topic 

Klaviyo talked about including SMS in the customer journey, highlighting the importance of sending text messages at the right time and adding text messages to at least three flows, including Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart, and Customer Win-back.



What consumers want in brand texts



  • Delivery confirmations, sales, back in stock
  • Smart recommendations (products for me)
  • Right timing (on their schedule)

Add text messages to at least 3 flows



  • Welcome Series
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Customer Win-back
  • Price Drop or Back in Stock Alert
  • Subscription Order Reminder
  • Transactional Notifications
Recharge customer journey topic

Finally, Recharge discussed leveraging the Klaviyo integration to increase LTV and retention. They shared their strategies for acquiring subscribers, subscription management, and reactivating inactive subscribers.



Acquiring Subscribers



  • Cross / Upsell
  • Begin communication plan

Subscription Management



  • Retain
  • Inform about new product
  • Bundle
  • Increase volume/frequency
  • Skip, swap, move etc – maximise LTV

Reactivate Inactive Subscriber



  • Passive churned
  • Active churned

Overall, the event provided valuable insights into improving the customer journey, including understanding the customer journey, optimising product discovery, using reviews and UGC strategically, personalising customer communications, and leveraging SMS and subscription management to increase retention and LTV. Attendees also had the opportunity to network and connect with the experts and the PAASE team.



If you would like to know more information about the day, please contact us!

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