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Fuelling the funnel can seem daunting. In this blog, utilise your PPC campaigns and drive email marketing Conversions and Sign Ups....
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Driving PPC to Email Marketing Conversions and Sign ups

How far will organic reach and SEO get you? It’s common with every search, there’ll be at least 5 paid ads before you get to the first organic search! No wonder, as 63% of people say they willingly click on google ads. Likewise, Google estimates that PPC helps to increase brand awareness by 80%.


Businesses that power their marketing as a symbiotic relationship can strengthen their overall performance. With that in mind, let’s talk more about the cross-functionality between PPC and Email Marketing.


PPC stands for pay-per-click, an internet marketing model in which advertisers pay each time one of their ads is clicked. Search engine advertising is one of the most prominent marketing tools in driving consumers to a website.

PPC benefits

  • Provide instant traffic
  • Doesn’t depend on algorithms
  • Can target demographics
  • Can offer great ROI
  • Helps you reach customers in real-time
  • Boost brand awareness and recognition
  • Ranked high on Google

PAASE caught up with Taylor (Founding Director of eHeights Agency) who specialises in PPC. Taylor said the following:


“I’m frequently asked why paid advertising is important and why eCommerce brands should care about it, and my answer is simple. Aside from the usual greater and faster reach, you have a highly measurable medium — and what gets measured gets improved.


Despite the rising costs of paid advertising, brands should continue to invest in it for customer acquisition… But I have a simple question for you: What is less expensive in the long run? Investing in new customers (who you can nurture and grow LTV) or not investing in new customers?


With all of the issues surrounding iOS14, the cookie-less world, and 3rd-party data, hyper-targeting audiences has become increasingly difficult. Creative will be the most important lever for paid social performance in 2022 and beyond, this alone has accounted for a 58% increase in sales across our client roster.


You must advertise to people who are not currently in the market to truly grow a brand. People who aren’t aware that you exist. People who aren’t interested in your products. Show them your beautiful creatives. Entice them with your USPs. Scale your customer base. “

PPC & Klaviyo

PPC generates traffic to your store in real-time, but now what? To utilise the spend of PPC, capturing emails can prove greatly on ROI.

Integrate a customised pop up on your site offering an incentive or discount to entice the customer. Pop ups are 13x more effective at generating clicks and opt-in subscribers than standard banners. We’re in an era where customers don’t do the classic ‘one-stop shop’ purchase anymore – they search for the best product/price looking at several sites.

PPC is a quick and easy way of acquiring emails and building your email database. Send emails to new customers based on triggers or behaviours of the customer. Further, set up a welcome flow to introduce a customer to your business – this message is the perfect opportunity for your business to quickly establish a strong connection with new subscribers. These subscribers are typically highly engaged, with the welcome messages performing at 4x the click rate and 23x the conversion rate of non-automated emails.

What to put in a welcome email:

  • A personal message from the brand/founder
  • High-res Imagery
  • Top view overline of the company with links to ‘learn more’
  • Click through actions to push customers back onto your site

Off the back of that, anything the shopper does, or more importantly, doesn’t do (eg add an item to the basket but not purchase) again can receive automated emails stating ‘hey, you left something in your basket’.

PPC & Email Marketing is the duo you never thought you needed!

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