Effective SMS Marketing in eCommerce

In today's mobile-dominated world, SMS marketing has emerged as a strong tool for eCommerce brands....
Effective Strategies for SMS marketing success

Effective strategies for SMS marketing success

An introduction to SMS Marketing


The digital age has revolutionised the way businesses interact with their customers, and email and SMS marketing have become crucial tools for eCommerce businesses. However, to maximise the benefits of these tools, businesses need to personalise their approach and tailor it to their customers’ needs.


This is where Klaviyo and Attentive come in. These powerful marketing platforms, when integrated, can help businesses transform their marketing strategy, personalise their customer experience, optimise their SMS marketing, and increase customer engagement.


SMS and emails work in parallel, with key differences being SMS is direct, and with the average person spending an average of 4 hours and 14 minutes per day, there’s no wonder 97% of brand text messages are read within 15 minutes of delivery.


Email Marketing with SMS Marketing


SMS marketing cuts through the noise and makes an impact with customers. Attentive complements Klaviyo’s offering with its mobile-first approach to SMS marketing, allowing businesses to reach their customers where they are most likely to engage.


Integrating Klaviyo and Attentive allows businesses to leverage the strengths of each platform. Businesses can use Klaviyo to create personalised email campaigns that target customers based on their browsing and purchase history, among other data points. Attentive’s SMS marketing capabilities can then be used to supplement these email campaigns, providing timely and relevant messages to customers that encourage them to take action.


By integrating Klaviyo and Attentive, businesses can create a unified customer experience that reflects customers’ interests and behaviours across multiple channels. This personalisation can increase engagement and conversion rates, leading to increased revenue and customer loyalty.


Attentive SMS Marketing Strategy Best Practices


• Keep your SMS copy concise and actionable, ideally between 75-115 characters or 3-4 lines long. Use timely language that creates a sense of urgency and encourages subscribers to click through and take advantage of your offers before they expire.


• Experiment with different messaging frequencies to find the optimal cadence for your brand. While eight campaign text messages per month is a good starting point, you should monitor your audience’s response and adjust accordingly. Consider using Two-Way Journeys to ask your subscribers how often they want to hear from you.


• Test your SMS campaigns and journeys to identify what resonates with your subscribers and what could be improved. Only change one variable at a time (such as image type, emoji usage, tone of voice, or send time) to ensure accurate results.


• Personalise your SMS campaigns to boost your return on investment. Segment your audience based on factors such as browsing and purchase history, loyalty status, geographic location, and more to send them more relevant and effective messages.


• Integrate SMS with your marketing technology stack for a more omnichannel experience.


Key SMS Messaging


• Campaigns 

• Triggered messages
• Conversational messages
• Transactional messages



Personalising Your Customer Experience with Klaviyo and Attentive Integration


SMS is a valuable resource for collecting first- and zero-party data, as it enables businesses to explicitly solicit customer preferences and leverage that information throughout the customer lifecycle. This allows for a highly personalised communication experience that can be fed back into Klaviyo.


SMS is an excellent first touchpoint for initiating timely marketing events, as evidenced by its average click-through rate of 20-35%. Working in harmony, Klaviyo ca be an added layer with it’s advanced segmentation and automation capabilities to help increase conversion.




SMS key performance indicators (KPIs) typically fall into three categories:


• List growth: How many new subscribers are you adding? How many subscribers are you retaining, and how many are unsubscribing? Which sources are generating the most opt-ins?


• Revenue growth: How is SMS contributing to your bottom line? What is the return on investment (ROI) or return on ad spend (ROAS)?


• Message engagement: Which types of campaigns and triggered messages are your subscribers interacting with? Are they responding to your messages? Are certain message types or send times leading to more opt-outs?


Additionally, if your goal is to enhance loyalty and retention, metrics may vary:


• Total number of engaged subscribers
• Average order value (AOV)
• Message response rate
• Number of subscribers who have made multiple purchases

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