Personalised Smart Search in eCommerce

Let’s bring some colour to conversation when talking about the ‘perfect smart search’!...
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Smart Search Personalisation

Let’s bring some colour to conversation when talking about the ‘perfect smart search’! There’s a plethora of random results which requires customers to scour through your online store – so let’s introduce Findologic bridging that gap.


Findologic has been developing modern onsite marketing solutions for online-shops since 2008 and is one of the world’s leading providers for Onsite- Search, Navigation & mobile Shopping Assistance today. Just as a helpful sales assistant completes the shopping experience for the physical in-store customer – so the digital shopping assistant supports and serves the online shopper.


Klaviyo is a feature-packed platform that allows merchants to grow their revenue, there’s no two ways about it. The key focus on detailed customer data and personalisation tools is what makes the platform incredibly powerful. The one batch blast email is dead, successful emails deliver the most relevant content to the relevant customer at the relevant time.


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Klaviyo & Findologic

At the moment, the leading providers Klaviyo and Findologic are discussing a deeper common tech-stack following one main point of action: passing search events into Klaviyo to trigger more relevant flows and campaigns.

This will allow retailers to benefit from optimised functionality, including:

  • Abandoned search trigger
  • Search term data. Eg. colour, product type etc., where a search was not completed
  • Product recommendation snippets into email templates

By combining leading product discovery and personalisation capabilities, and feeding this into Klaviyo, Findologic can deliver an uplift in conversion rates. Businesses can now leverage behavioural data and ensure the most relevant products are being delivered to their shoppers – thus resulting in a decrease in unsubscribe rate. Wake up and smell the coffee, the tools are there for personalisation, don’t let your current set up telling us ‘It’ll do’ impede your potential to accelerate growth!

According to Findologic, integrating Findologic with Klaviyo, businesses can see improvements in their KPIs with:

  • Up to +25% more global Conversion Rate
  • Up to +20% more average order value
  • Up to -30% in Bounce Rate


If you are looking for expertise in email marketing, please get in touch with PAASE . As Klaviyo’s biggest partner in the UK, PAASE can identify, execute, and optimise your email marketing. 

From campaign sends to strategic guidance, PAASE will maximise your email marketing revenue. Interested in finding out more? Email in at

If you would like to check out Klaviyo and even set up your account then follow this link; Signup – Klaviyo

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