PAASE x Opinew Official Partnership

Help build trust, credibility and social proof in 2022 to boost sales. The biggest challenge brands are facing is hesitancy; brands need to convince new or existing customers to purchase – reviews can be the nudge they need to do this....
PAASE Opinew partnership

PAASE x Opinew 

Opinew helps fast-growing Shopify brands harness the power of reviews with state-of-the-art automation features, and build unique customer experiences & long-lasting relationships.

The all-in-one review management platform enables Shopify merchants worldwide to import their reviews (from Amazon, eBay & AliExpress), request new reviews via Emails, SMS & printed QR codes, and display UGC with beautiful-looking review widgets.

Reviews that matter

Social proof is a phenomenon in marketing. The practice of using social proof provides customers with reassuring proof from their friends, peers, and celebrity crushes to support their purchasing decision. There are many cues a brand can implement to get a customer to make a first-time purchase, and it’s undeniable the average consumer will check the reviews on a product or service. It’s time to dig deeper with reviews and use them strategically to persuade customer behaviour.

Digging deeper

It’s not just about collecting reviews, but what you do with those reviews! Opinew, combined with Klaviyo and PAASE, takes personalisation to a new level. Give customers not only what they want, but what they need! With highly customisable options when building email automation, stores can benefit from having UGC social proof at every step of a customer’s journey.

By building unique automations, Opinew can tailor reviews based on the segmentation abilities of Klaviyo. Therefore, brands can reward happy customers with a voucher/coupon, increasing satisfaction and loyalty (pushing them for a second/third purchase). Alternatively, brands can remedy those customers who left a bad review.


Using reviews to showcase hyper-personalised, valuable, relevant insights throughout the customer’s journey has never been easier. A brand cannot paint every customer with the same brush, making the customer experience great.

Provide the right information at the right time. Taking an abandoned cart email, for example, a great way to increase purchasing behaviour is compelling content – displaying a review specific to that product will instil buyer confidence stirring up a ‘fear of missing out’. Pushing the integrations further, pick the reviews you’d like displayed in your emails to target certain customers

Email marketing and social proof case study

Dalstrong wanted to enhance their email marketing – specifically their reviews. As Dalstrong was using Klaviyo and Opinew in their tech stack, the scope was to implement reviews into an email to increase conversion rate and take personalisation to a new level.  Find our how PAASE increased conversion rate over 12%.

Dalstrong: Combining Klaviyo and Opinew

Dalstrong believes in the power of cooking to unite us and bring out the best in people. To break barriers and build community, Dalstrong gives culinary artists tool that take them to places beyond their imagination, inspire limitless creativity with their cooking, and have more fun while doing it.


PAASE recognises that every customer is unique and that each customer’s experience needs to be customised with compelling content that meets their individuals needs, and so they set out to implement Opinew at key touchpoints in the customer’s journey with the first prioritisation being sending automated review requests to increase social proof

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