Three years ago when Amy and I set up PAASE we set out with aspirations of creating a lifestyle business that would fit around our young family. This worked for the first 12 months but we quickly realised the scale of the opportunity that we faced....

The evolution to PAASE 3.0

With family still a core value with the business we have quickly grown, allowing us to work with many household brands and lots of exciting challenger brands.


Working with Klaviyo has led to us becoming one of only thirteen agencies worldwide to reach Elite Master status (out of an ecosystem of over 8,500 partners). At the time of writing this, PAASE are the first and only agency in EMEA to meet this tier.


So to the future and the purpose of this blog! Our journey to date has been fast paced and evolutionary and PAASE 3.0 will be no different.


PAASE 3.0 will allow to bring our core values to the front and centre of everything we do and reposition ourselves. As such we’re kicking off a series of projects to refine our service offering, kick start a number of key strategic partnerships and to properly develop our brand identify.

PAASE 3.0 - what are we doing?

At the moment it feels like, what aren’t we doing?


To start with we’ve redefined our mission statement, our existing one “Experts in maximising Klaviyo performance for fast growing D2C brands” has served us well but it doesn’t truly reflect the breadth of what PAASE do as a business.


So we’ve actively talked, discussed and argued and settled on “Transforming customer data into growth”.


This is a much truer reflection of what we do as a business with our team of experts helping to build, elevate, manage and continually optimise your customer engagement. Allowing you to reach the right customer, with the right message at the right time.


Right Customer, Right Message, Right Time as a concept is as old as the hills but it still rings true to this day and is exactly what we do as an organisation.


More importantly we’ve kicked off two strategic partnerships that we’ve very excited about with Mapp and Bloomreach which we’re extremely excited about (more on this follow) which will bring complementary platforms in our sphere of expertise, this is alongside the recent launch of Klaviyo One means the next chapter of the PAASE story is set to be just as exciting and fast paced as the previous ones.



Klaviyo lets you deliver amazing experiences across email and other owned channels. Maximise your revenue, increase repeat sales, and improve retention with personalised emails sent at the right time.



Bloomreach is a commerce experience cloud. Connecting the experience by putting essential commerce functionalities under the same roof. This is done by helping teams focus on one goal: delighting the customer. Engage. Discover. Connect.



Mapp is an insight led customer experience platform. The platform was created to liberate marketers to do what they do best — envision big ideas and put them into action. Mapp Cloud’s insight-led approach looks straight ahead, providing insights that free you from gut-based decisions. That way you don’t target the wrong people, wasting budget, time, and valuable opportunities.

More about PAASE 3.0

We work with you to understand your objectives for the channels. How this fits within your overall business objectives and then make strategic recommendations on how best to meet those objectives. Tech agnostic, PAASE work with a variety of marketing leading platforms to help customers drive increased revenue from channels. This includes email and SMS.

Working collectively with our customers as an extension of your internal teams, we cut through the industry noise! We use our extensive enterprise experience to help you maximise your investment in marketing automation technologies driving increased revenue and improved ROI.

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