Klaviyo List Cleaning

Is having a large database seen as a positive? In this article, we go over the benefits of Klaviyo List Cleaning keeping your customer database in check....
Klaviyo List Cleaning best practice

Klaviyo List Cleaning  

Is having a large database seen as a positive? A company could have a database size of 1,000,000 subs but are they all active, engaged profiles? In this article, we go over the benefits of Klaviyo List Cleaning keeping your customer database in check. With small tweaks, can make incremental changes!

Defining email list cleaning

Data cleansing is the exercise of going through all the data within a database and either updating or removing information. List cleaning will keep your list(s) in check ensuring you have the most relevant, high-quality data available to you to use.

Benefits of list cleaning

Improved IP reputation

IP is tied to the specific server you’re sending from. The reputation of your IP address is directly linked to the impact on the deliverability of email reach to inboxes. Providing a list cleansing will increase deliverability and open rates, and as a result, will have a greater reputable IP. Having a good track record with a very low spam rate will be rarely marked with the spam filter.

Decrease in unsubscribe rates

Removing inactive email addresses and sending more targeted emails to engaged profiles will demonstrate a more noticeable advantage when it comes to results.

Removing hard and soft bounces

If there’s a bounce rate of over 2%, there needs to be a serious deep dive into list cleaning. Klaviyo can automatically suppress profiles that soft bounce after several consecutive occasions. With the help from Klaviyo, it would be beneficial to exclude these individuals after four consecutive emails. This will be beneficial when creating an audience segmentation and profiling certain individuals for specific campaigns.

Improved performance metrics

Improve email marketing metrics by removing inactive/invalid email addresses. This will paint a better picture when it comes to what is and isn’t working when targeting the right customers. This data can prove vital when A/B testing emails.

High conversion rates

Sending emails to a higher engaging audience ultimately leads to increased conversion rates.


List cleaning is a cost-effective exercise as platforms charge based on database size. Thus suppressing or removing individuals from the database can lead to a lower pricing model. Further, a merchant can refine the database, send more targeted emails to fewer individuals, and increase the return on investment.

How to clean your email list with Klaviyo

  • Create a segment of unengaged profiles (don’t forget to identify any Apple Privacy opens).
  • Suppress/delete all unengaged profiles.
  • Segment your mailing list into different categories.
  • (PAASE uses an email engagement process to assist in this matter.)
  • If you are removing members from your database, send an email to the individual stating this.






If you are looking for expertise in this area and want an agency to provide the above services, please get in touch with PAASE Digital. As Klaviyo’s biggest partner in the UK, PAASE Digital can identify, execute, and optimise your data list. From campaign sends to strategic value, PAASE Digital will maximise your email marketing revenue.

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