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What does good look like? What does it take for a brand to give the ‘wow factor’ via email? Consumers are bombarded with emails daily from multiple brands, so how can you stand out?...
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Klaviyo Email Design Best-practice

Email will continue to be a prominent marketing communication for most brands. Usually, email is the second/third opportunity (after visiting the website and/or Social Media) so the message has to be engaging, relevant and high-quality.


We’re in a digital age, mobile usage is growing – we’re all guilty of it. The first impact must deliver a long-lasting impression in order for a brand to be remembered.


Brand identity plays a pivotal role for email as there needs to be a seamless transition from website to email and vice-versa, making sure email is on-brand and as impactful as possible.


This means high-quality content, content is king, and a successful campaign will have relevant, high-quality imagery that makes the brand look professional to the customer, going back to the ‘wow factor’ brands need to implement.

Importance of Email Marketing Design

Revenue. Put simply, design can lead to an increase in revenue. The role email plays is to hit a customer’s inbox (if you’re junking, please get in touch), opened, clicked on a CTA, and send a customer back to the website.


If there is a disconnect between opening and clicking on the link, evaluate if this can be associated with the design of the email. Did the customer not like the email? Was the email engaging? Was there a clear call/button to get them back to the website? Was there an incentive to draw them back to the website??


Brands battle with engagement all the time. The average attention span of an individual is less than 7 seconds, paired with the average person who juggles more than one thing at a time – you have to question, who has the time? Enticing a customer can be instant from the hero image of the email. The email has to have a purpose, make it easily identifiable to the customer with clear messaging of what you want to achieve.


A welcome series can help a one-time purchaser into a loyal advocate of the brand. The series comprising of five emails can tell the story of the brand. A welcome series deriving of 5 emails tells a story of the brand. From the brand ethos to the USP to reviews, a compelling welcome series will drive the engagement piece, keeping the brand front of mind with a long-lasting impression.

List of Klaviyo email design quick wins

  • Navigation bar (Increased number of actions to the website)
  • High-quality imagery (Make the email interactive with gifs_
  • Clear CTA (Clear direction to the site)
  • Incentivisation (Give customers a reason to go back to the site)
  • Structure (Make the layout seamless & aesthetic)

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee case study

Union-Hand Roasted Coffee approached PAASE looking for a revamp of their email design. PAASE are experts in maximising Klaviyo performance, named the first Klaviyo Master Elite partner in EMEA, and ranked in the top 0.02% of the 10,000+ Klaviyo agencies worldwide.


The briefing had to ensure email was impactful as possible with the email design being as fresh as their coffee beans.


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