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How a lack of email marketing optimisation can cost you thousands in lost revenue...
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Email marketing optimisation - are you missing 6 figures of revenue?

Over the last month we’ve been working with a new retail client to identify and target email marketing optimisation opportunities.

We crunched the numbers, queried and questioned the activity that is in place and it became clear that there was a disconnect between their new website and their email marketing tool

Let’s give you the detail:

  • Front end in the email marketing platform (ESP such as Klaviyo) it was showing a basket abandonment programme as live (get that opt-in box pre-ticked)
  • Within the ESP reporting suite it was showing a culminative total of email sends (eg. Since Day 0) with below benchmark open and click rates. Great to look at but not easy to spot check declines in performance or volume
  • Diving deeper into this it was clear that volumes had dropped significantly (35%) since the website platform changed in late spring but that this hadn’t been picked up on (masked by significant overall growth in the channel)
  • Based on industry benchmarks and expected site volumes a 6 figure revenue figure opportunity is not being leveraged effectively

Email marketing optimisation - What does this mean for you?

  • When was the last time you checked the volumes from your automated programmes? (ideally you should be doing this daily (to review the previous day)) – ask your marketing automation platform/ESP to setup a report for you that can be delivered straight to your inbox
  • Look out for 0 send volumes or volumes that are outside the norm (the client above still has volume going so technically the programme is live but it’s well outside the expected tolerance)
  • Ask yourself, when was the last time you reviewed your automated programmes and compared them to a previous time period / benchmarks or have you just ticked the box and moved on to the next piece of work

What is customer journey transformation?

A good question! If you think about all the interactions your prospects and customers have with your brand, they can vary by channel (website, email, SMS, Facebook) or where the customer is within the buying cycle (research, price comparison, ready to purchase) or even their stage in the lifecycle with you a as brand (prospect, single purchase, multi purchaser, VIP or even lapsing or lapsed).

Customer journey transformation is how we encourage customers to positively move through each stage of the journey they are currently within with timely, relevant and personalised messaging.

One of the biggest challenges of this process is purely the amount of opportunities on offer and knowing how and where to start. This is where PAASE can help, knowing what programmes to prioritise and how to get the best out of your existing technology investment.

Our expertise in this space has helped increase sales and revenue for household names by many millions each year but the process scales up and down effectively. Why not get in touch to find out more about our audit process

Email marketing optimisation - PAASE Audit process

PAASE Audit process
Email marketing optimisation - PAASE Audit process

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