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PAASE is delighted to announce the award of ‘Best Content Marketing Campaign’ Bronze....
Ecomm awards 2022

Award-Winning Agency

The eCommerce Awards recognise excellence in the world of eCommerce by celebrating the most innovative and market-leading initiatives in the online retail space.

eCommerce campaign brief

Curlsmith approached PAASE to help enhance their email marketing – specifically their campaigns and flows. Whilst the database was growing, Curlsmith had a standardised set-up from database capture tools to pop-ups.


 Albeit, the current process didn’t provide enough information about consumers, therefore there were a lot of missed opportunities. The need to automate the current CRM journey was essential.


After PAASE had completed the configuration and implementation of bespoke automation flows and segments, prioritising new flows based on acquisition retargeting and retention, then came Octane AI….


  • Implement an Octane AI quiz to gather zero-party data about particular hair care needs
  • Create a personalised shopping experience to engage consumers
  • Consumers receive personalised product recommendations and articles/ information that best suits their needs and preferences.
  • Integrate quiz in pop-up & home page
  • Segment email list based on quiz data
  • Create dynamic content-based automation based on results

eCommerce award feedback

Thank you to the eCommerce Expo judges for the feedback on our award-winning campaign:

  • Gamification is a great way to engage audiences and creates ‘stickiness’.
  • Innovative use of quiz menu software to drive subscriptions, personal data and revenue.
  • Impressive use of technology, sensible process and methodology and services at low costs, generated successful and measurable outcomes.
  • A good job of leveraging content marketing through the creation of a quiz to engage customers and prospects.
  • KPIs and commercial uplift have been impressive.
  • Good application with a great result that delivers revenue.
  • Good stats on revenue, visits and excellent growth in the database sign-ups.


Award-winning Klaviyo Campaign


Download our award-winning case study below.

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