Ecommerce 100% open rate guarantee

Achieving 100% open rate! Personalisation isn’t a trend, but an undeniable shift. Brands must act, rather than react....
PAASE Pennyblack partnership

The eCommerce 100% Open Rate 

The challenging landscape a brand has is twofold – the organisation and the target audience. The organisation may not understand how to drive personalisation scattered between various data and tools to engage with and has limited methods to understand and influence behaviour. The second is the target audience; they demand a personal conversation!

The brand experience must be personal. From web, eCommerce, email, social media, mobile and print, a brand must deliver on user experience and personalisation.

Personalisation drives retention

The benefit of personalisation created a deeper level of engagement.

Creating that focused offering makes it easier for customers to buy. They’ve created a system in which brands can use data from other ecommerce platforms to create personalised segments and flyer designs that are printed during the pick-and-pack process. The flyers allow brands to provide product recommendations, tailored content and a personalised customer experience all in one.

PennyBlack – eCommerce unboxing platform

Penny Black employs technology effectively to identify, understand, and provide highly personalised experiences to their customers with engaging content to succeed.

How? By turning first-time or occasional shoppers into brand advocates and customers for life. Increase customer lifetime value by delivering fully personalised and on-brand experiences at the moment customers open their eCommerce packages

Packaging may be the only physical contact brands may have with their customer, let’s take fast fashion brands like ASOS, Boohoo or Pretty Little Thing. PennyBlack helps void the gap and is dedicated to helping leaders turn this into a competitive advantage by replicating the in-store experience through packaging for online customers. In essence, their platform acts as a vehicle ensuring brands build lasting connections with their customers.

eCommerce Results for Pennyblack

Brands that use Penny Black see an average ROI of 300% and gain £1.11 in additional revenue per recipient – that’s 16x more than SMS and 6x more than post-purchase emails.

And, the German jewellery brand, Paul Valentine have seen 7% scan rates on their flyers, resulting in a 15% conversion rate on second purchases.

PAASE x PennyBlack

PAASE are experts in delivering strategy via customer data and driving this growth via marketing automation. Working with a leading brand, PAASE drive significant uplift keeping pace with the innovation consumers expect, giving brands the right personalisation to drive growth via email or SMS channels.

By providing targeted, customer-centric experiences, PAASE retains brand customers and drives digital revenue. Through personalised content, and working with the best tech integrations, PAASE creates a more connected experience utilising a brand’s tech stack creating a focused offering making it easier for customers to buy.

“Partnering with PAASE Digital has been a great experience for us as they share our customer-first mentality. Together, we want the best for our clients and to give them the tools that elevate the customer experience and build their CLTV.

As part of our partnership, we’ve been working together to help brands realise that personalised packaging is another digital marketing channel they can add to their tech stack – alongside the likes of Klaviyo.

We can’t wait to work more with PAASE (with their Elite Klaviyo partner expertise) to help brands create hyper-personalised Penny Black campaigns using Klaviyo segments and to build email strategies using data from our platform. Overall, helping brands understand their customers better, deliver best-in-breed customer experiences and to secure more repeat purchases.”

Want to try Penny Black for yourself? For a limited time only, you can get three months of Penny Black for just £2,500. Enquire here and the Penny Black team will reach out if you’re a good fit.

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