500% increase in orders per day for The iOutlet.

Using Klaviyo to
increase revenue.


The iOutlet is an online retailer and wholesaler in the refurbished tech market. Buying direct from consumer, refurbishing where needed and selling back into the consumer, offering them the same quality but at a much lower cost.  


The product offering now spans across iPhones, Android, Tablets, wearables, laptops and consoles.   Fused with sustainability, The iOutlet is on a mission to tackle the ever-growing rise in e-waste encouraging trade-ins and other forms of recyclability, partnering with OneTreePlanted to give back to nature.  

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The iOutlet came to PAASE never having owned email marketing and wanted strategic and expert knowledge to take charge of their channel. Their main focus was to create a strategy and talk to engaged users sharing deals of the week and encouraging users to depart of their old devices and get cash towards their next device.     


In the tech industry, there is no need for customers to regularly replace phones. Therefore, the email strategy had to focus on engagement and community building as they needed to build long-term partnerships for when the time is right for a customer. 

“Working with PAASE has been an absolute pleasure, we have achieved a huge amount in the two years we have been working together. PAASE have not only educated us, but shown an incredible eye for detail and are clearly great strategists, with results to support this. The team have shown a huge amount of agility in scheduling meetings and running campaigns in a market that changes very quickly. ” The iOutlet


With the implementation of PAASE best practice fundamentals and fresh email design, PAASE was ready to transform The iOutlet’s email marketing into a customer-centric machine!


the objective was clear – setting up the personalised customer experiences and delivering tailored messaging to strengthen relationships with its existing customers. Ultimately, the campaign strategy became playful, informative emails that kept subscribers engaged, being part of The iOutlet community.


Using Klaviyo’s robust tools, personalisation became and integral part of the revenue strategy.


With the new PAASE set up, segmentation allowed PAASE to devise more targeted sending to specific audiences, for instance, the ‘deal of the week’ campaign, and encouraging users to recycle and benefit from e-waste.

iOutlet results

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