Harness the power of SMS to engage with your customers effortlessly.

Take advantage of an additional channel that enables you to relay timely updates such as new arrivals, and product launches, via personalised messages specifically crafted to capture your customers’ attention like never before.

Understand SMS in eCommerce

SMS is not a new channel, yet many brands are not even using it, and even fewer are using it effectively. Talk to one of our SMS experts to see how your journey toward seamless customer communication can start today. 

Choosing an SMS platform

We understand that SMS can seem like a luxury even to large, well-established brands and may even appear unnecessary to some smaller brands but we say that it is only costly if you don’t get it right. Our knowledgeable staff, trained across multiple SMS platforms, will be there to guide your brand to cut through the noise and communicate effectively to your database.

Implementing SMS into your Omnichannel

Implementing a new channel strategy is more than just buying new tech, it is about delivering strategy that will drive growth effectively.

"Cut through the noise and communicate effectively to your database."

How to get started on SMS


So many more eCommerce brands in the UK are using SMS these days, but….



  • How do you get started?
  • How do you make it not intrusive?
  • How to I get a decent ROI?

Start with SMS marketing today


Add PAASE expert strategy to your omnichannel today. PAASE offers the following:



  • SMS Welcome Journey
  • SMS added to core flows
  • SMS consent added to opt in
  • Up to 5 campaigns a month
  • Continuous SMS strategy and Optimisation

SMS most frequently asked questions

Is SMS marketing effective in the UK?

SMS boasts some of the highest open rates from any marketing channel with results showing an average open rate of 98% taken from various industries. Like with any marketing channel, the value SMS marketing brings your business will depend on your strategy, your customers, and your industry. It is predicted that the SMS marketing industry will be worth over $12.6 billion by 2025 and companies who aren’t currently planning an SMS strategy risk being left behind.

What if I don’t have a large SMS list?

SMS lists are likely to be smaller than your email list. The average person will sign up to 20 brands for email as opposed to only 2 or 3 for SMS. The consumer is making sure they only sign up to SMS for the brands they really care about. With this in mind it is safe to make the link that your SMS subscribers are most likely to be your most die-hard brand advocates and while they may be small in quantity, they pack a real punch in terms of quality.

Yes but with anything in the world of digital marketing you need follow data privacy regulations when sending text messages on behalf of your brand. Here are 4 key requirements.

1. Get clean consent

2. Timely opt out

3. Clear sender identity

4. Send during approve hours

What platforms do we work with?

Typically we work with Klaviyo SMS, Yotpo (SMS bump) and Attentive. But PAASE believe in finding the right tool for the brand.

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