Partner referral programme.

Make more from our partnership and turn

referrals into rewards.

Get rewarded with

up to £200.

For every business referral you make to us, which results in either a completed Pathway to Success Audit or a project/retainer contract being signed, we will thank you with a reward voucher of up to £200.


Start referring today, as this is a limited time offer, ending on 31st August 2023.

How much can you earn?

Action Cash Reward
Pathway to Success Audit

This is a paid audit that takes the free scorecard audit to a new level
with a strategic action plan for accelerated growth.

Signed project/retainer contract

Brands that match our ICP who come on board as a client for either

a fixed term project or an ongoing retainer contract.


How it works.

Step 1- Refer

Complete the form below with all the details of the brand you are referring to us and our Commercial Manager will contact you to discuss the opportunity in more detail.

Step 2 – Introduce

Introduce our Commercial Manager to the main contact at the brand, with an overview of what we do.

Step 3 – Audit

Our Commercial Manager will qualify the lead, run a free audit for the brand and send a proposal.

Step 4 – Reward

Once we have signed contracts, we’ll let you know, and we will send you an Amazon/Visa gift card as a thank you.

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Who is eligible to
be referred?

• Mid-market or fast growing D2C brand
• 70k minimum email database records
• Turning over atleast £5million in digital revenue

Recent client success - Wattbike.

Content Marketing Manager, Jess Dalgliesh said: “Email marketing has been one of our top-performing channels for us since we upgraded to Klaviyo. The expertise and support PAASE has given us in creating new automated flows, optimising our campaigns, and segmenting our data to make sure our email marketing is effective has been excellent.”  


What is the payment turnaround time?

After the second invoice has been paid to PAASE (typically 60 days).

Should I inform my client beforehand?

Yes, please inform your client beforehand about the process. Keeping your client informed about the qualification process, free audit, and proposal allows them to understand the steps involved and be prepared for any potential discussions or decisions that may arise.

How do I know if my referral signed up?

We will ensure you stay informed throughout the process and reach out to you with thanks as soon as the referral signs.

How many referrals can I make?

You are free to make as many referrals as you want, as long as they align with our ICP.

Is there a cut-off point with referrals?

The client must sign within 90 days after submitting the form.

Who do I intro you to?

Ideally, our aim is to engage in conversation with the main decision maker.

What if someone else refers my lead?

Unfortunately, we operate on a first come, first serve basis. 

I have more questions about this

For any inquiries you may have, please reach out to us at, and we will be happy to assist you.

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