1500% revenue increase from marketing automation for PÄRLA.

Optimising Klaviyo marketing automation.


PÄRLA are on a mission to revolutionise the toothpaste industry. 


With an extensive background in the dental industry, their expertise has gone into creating a toothpaste alternative that’s ethical and eco-friendly, without compromise – a toothpaste tab that protects smiles without harming the environment.

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PÄRLA approached PAASE to assist in creating a more efficient marketing automation channel to drive additional ‘everyday revenue’. Through an audit, PAASE identified key areas for growth and improvement in the automation channel.

Collaborating closely with PÄRLA on their account, our dedicated Customer Success Manager highlights “I’m delighted at the upward trend we’re seeing for PÄRLA across all key KPIs. With their automations optimised and deployed, we’re in a great position to shift our focus on other areas to strategically target. I’m super excited to see what lies ahead for the brand!”  


The team at PAASE focused on general configuration, database structure, automation strategy and performance to drive an uplift in revenue and make the channel more cost-effective. By targeting email quality over email volume, PAASE significantly reduced the number of email sends whilst increasing channel revenue.


PAASE revamped the marketing automation flows, resulting in a substantial rise in average order value. We accomplished this by strategically identifying and exploring new touchpoints in the customer journey sending hyper-personalised, targeted emails to customers.


The results exceeded the client expectations. The cleaner database and structured approach have set PARLA up for continued growth in the future.

Parla results

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