1,662% revenue increase for

Using Klaviyo to
increase revenue for Mous.


From dropping phones from 45ft cranes and out of helicopters, to sneaking into the Apple store disguised as press and live-testing new iPhone cases in front of crowds, the Mous journey has been anything but traditional! 

They found that slim phone cases weren’t that protective and protective phone cases were ugly. So they set out to create a phone case that was extremely protective yet beautifully crafted.

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When Mous came on board with PAASE in February 2020, there were a few challenges which needed to be addressed as a priority. Database configuration was a cause for concern, there was limited understanding of the database and its make-up, and the email strategy only had limited automations.

“This project has been a huge success for us, both in terms of driving sales and with engagement with Mous. It has really highlighted to the business how much value the email channel can bring to the table.” Remi Gabietaite, Head of CRM. 

Find out how PAASE worked with Mous to achieve 1,662% revenue increase  – download our Case Study now.

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