Klaviyo vs Omnisend.

Designed for making marketing significant, this article analyses the similarities and differences between Klaviyo and Omnisend. The power of email marketing lies in its ability to provide businesses of all sizes with an attractive ROI. Email marketing is worth the focus when it plays a substantial role in maximising lead generation, customer engagement, retention and more.

An introduction to Klaviyo vs Omnisend.

Klaviyo is engineered to help eCommerce stores dominate their market and generate revenue through sales. The email marketing tool is extremely easy to set up with your online store with seamless integrations with the biggest online stores like Shopify and Bigcommerce. Through personalised emails, rich data and versatile integrations, Klaviyo has fast become the go-to platform for eCommerce businesses.

Founded in 2014, Omnisend was built specifically for small-medium sized eCommerce businesses providing a system that helps convert new and returning customers. Regarded as a highly rated email marketing tool, Omnisend is acknowledged to be more approachable and scalable for smaller enterprises.

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Klaviyo features.

Klaviyo email campaigns

Klaviyo was built for ease of use. The solution comes from a WYSIWYG editor enabling compelling emails. The robust marketing platform implements customary tools to build relationships with its customers. The highly targeted email marketing campaigns means more consistent, relevant communication with customers about what’s new and important to them. The impact this has on deliverability means increased open rates due to smart and strategic sending.


Klaviyo marketing automation


Automation is an integral tool to Klaviyo; the tool provides a visual automation workflow that can be customisable with conditional splits and triggers that help create complex automated workflows heavily targeting specific subscribers in the database. The marketing tool permits the user to design a customer lifecycle mapping out the perfect experience for each customer to increase engagement and retention.


Klaviyo segmentation


Klaviyo allows unlimited segmentation while Omnisend limits segments per tier. Klaviyo grants the user to create and use as many segments they see fit, choosing from a range of criteria, such as profile data, campaign activity, shopping behaviour and preferences. When it comes to creating segments, the user can be as broad or as specific as possible when creating a list.


Klaviyo pop-ups and forms


Klaviyo offer over 50 ready to go templates, expertly designed to fit with your branding. With no coding or headaches, Klaviyo has intuitive drag-and-drop editing to really drive personalisation for the customer. The benefit to Klaviyo’s pop-ups and forms are the built-in data consent features that help keep a business compliant with GPDR, TCPA and other data privacy laws.


Klaviyo reporting


Klaviyo’s reporting offers a full view of the entire business with metrics that matter most. Through native reporting tools, a customer can leverage a wide range of data points to measure performance and figure out what is and isn’t working for the business. This kind of insight from Klaviyo discovers opportunities for businesses to improve and grow.


Klaviyo pricing 


Klaviyo offers a freemium plan for those looking to start out on Klaviyo. For medium-enterprise level businesses, Klaviyo is well equipped to handle all your marketing needs at every point of growth.

Omnisend features.

Omnisend email campaigns 


Omnisend has a robust library of features that doesn’t have to be coded or edited tediously. Created in minutes, campaigns can have personalised, professional touches to help grow your business. A user can benefit from Omnisend’s product picker, unique discount codes, scratch cards and product recommendations.


Omnisend marketing automation


Omnisend combines multiple channels to provide customers with a consistent, personalised experience. These single workflows are channelled through email, SMS, and web push notifications. As the target audience are new-mid sized enterprises, the user can benefit from pre-built workflows improving the user’s ease of use functionality.


Omnisend segmentation


Omnisend allows segmentation in three ways; shopping behaviour (based on browsing, abandoning, cart additions and purchases made in the last 30 days), campaign activity (based on customers response) and profile data (based on an individual’s information).


Omnisend pop-ups and forms 


Omnisend provides a USP that Klaviyo does not – the wheel of fortune. The pop-up offers discounts/free products etc if you sign up with an email. This pop-up is effective in drawing in the visitor’s attention and email capture.


Omnisend Reporting


Advanced analytics and reporting are only available for those on the highest subscription tier. Further, the reporting is limited to the past 18 months of data and not a day more therefore, it’s harder to see the bigger picture.


Omnisend chat support


Suited for smaller businesses, Omnisend offers a 24/7 support chat. With an average ticket response of 5 minutes and a 95% client satisfaction rating after contact with the support, Omnisend has a strong customer service USP that many other email service providers don’t have.


Omnisend pricing


Omnisend offers a free plan up to 250 subscribers for those wanting to start on the platform. From there the price starts from $16 up to 500 subs and 15,000, and from there custom pricing is put in place for your business.

Klaviyo pros & cons.

Klaviyo pros


• Dynamic automation
• Easy segmentation
• Complex analytics
• Powerful one-click integrations and API for custom integration
• Dynamic data blocks
• Smart sending
• Product recommendation
• Intuitive user experience with a visual platform
• Create visual mapping
• Tons of segmentation options
• Intuitive A/B testing on all aspects


Klaviyo cons


• Steep learning curve as there are tonnes of features
• The templates are somehow rigid
• The workflows may be difficult to configure
• Designed specifically for eCommerce businesses

Omnisend pros & cons.

Omnisend pros


• User-friendly environment
• Live support
• Product picker
• Automations are easy to learn and implement
• Great integrations for eCommerce


Omnisend cons


• Limited to small-mid enterprises
• Limited list segmentation
• Simple email templates
• With that, not many email templates to choose from

The last word.

To summarise, Omnisend provides a good basis for enterprises that are looking to start. But, with that in mind, so do Klaviyo. Klaviyo’s free premium service offers the same as Omnisend with the addition of more access to flows, segments, and superior automation. 


The fact is, after a business becomes a larger enterprise, they would have to migrate to a different email service platform to fulfil their needs – which will most likely be Klaviyo. So, the answer is, a business might as well start with Klaviyo, get used to the platform and progress with Klaviyo.

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