Klaviyo vs Ometria.

There is a scale of how advanced and powerful email marketing platforms are. In this series, we look at the similarities and differences between Klaviyo and Ometria depicting which platform has enterprise-grade solutions, purpose built for customer personalisation.

An introduction to Klaviyo vs Ometria.

Based in Mayfair, UK, Ometria was founded in 2013. Recently, Ometria has secured a $40m series C funding that will triple the size of the product, engineering, data science and design teams, as well as expand the overall global operations across Europe and North America. This will definitely be something to keep an eye on in the coming years.

Klaviyo, based in Boston, USA, has expanded and now have an office in the UK too. Klaviyo remains one of the prominent marketing automation platforms, sitting 15th in Forbes Cloud 100 list of the best, brightest, most valuable private companies in the cloud. Klaviyo received a $200m series C in November 2020 and only six months later, raised a further $320m Series D round of funding. Klaviyo serves over 265,000 brands of all sizes earning over $15 billion earned by brands last year.

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Klaviyo description.

Klaviyo stands out in every inbox. Their increased delivery rates is a result of the push for a personal connection with each customer based on their behaviours and preferences. Klaviyo allows the merchant to send relevant emails by tailoring every experience based on the individual with state-of-the-art targeting and segmentation – a powerful tool for generating revenue!

Klaviyo integrates natively with customer data sources building technology to house data. This allows the merchant to seamlessly scale, create experiences across channels and effectively measure results. Offering the best-in-class training, Klaviyo provides the tools, technology, and guidance to allow merchants to refine their email to target more relevant messages and increase conversion rate.

Klaviyo features are as follows (but not limited to) WYSIWYG email editor, dynamic content, A/B testing, mobile optimisation, triggered drip sequences, email deliverability reporting list management, lead nurturing, lead scoring and grading, data quality management, Automated sales alerts and tasks, dashboard reporting, ROI tracking, product recommendations, push notifications, SMS marketing, social marketing, and website visitor tracking.

Ometria description.

Coined as the ‘worlds first retail-specific email builder’ by Ometria, the platform has created an email builder that’s custom made for retail marketers, tackling the everyday barriers holding them back from offering customers better experiences. The data science behind this is combined with four proprietary AI algorithms analysing retailers’ CRM performance.

Ometria features are as follows (but not limited to) A/B testing, analytics / ROI tracking, customer data profiles, dynamic content, email personalisation, Facebook ads, google ads, product recommendations, push notifications, retargeting, SMS, marketing, search marketing, segmentation, sign up forms pop-ups, social marketing, triggered emails, website visitor tracking.

Klaviyo pros & cons.

Klaviyo pros


• Powerful segmentation
• AB Testing
• Customisable CTAs
• Drag and drop build template to personalise
• Develop deeper segments and flows to tie in with a targeted audience
• Smart sending – protect subscribers by skipping recipients you recently emailed.
• List Management
• Dynamic content
• ROI tracking
• Segmentation
• Website visitor tracking
• Smooth migration process
• Use marketing automation technologies to stay in touch with customers to capture new and existing customers eg basket abandonment, cart abandonment
• Robust integrations with social media platforms and web platforms eg Facebook & Shopify
• Individualised product recommendations to increase CLV.


Klaviyo cons


• SMS (currently one-way)
• Work hour customer service (not 24/7)
• Average Reporting

Ometria pros & cons.

Ometria pros


• Investment funding
• Retail success model, data science model that drives CRM growth
• Clients; Hotel chocolat, not on the high street, Fred Perry
• Segmentation
• Social Marketing


Ometria cons


• Pricing
• Overall customer basis small
• Few issues on technical, focus more on new business rather than account management
• Slow development of new features, little movement of a roadmap
• No live chat function

The last word.

Choosing the best email marketing platform for your business will hugely depend on your current position. Klaviyo offers a lot more for e-commerce businesses when it comes to email optimisation, if you are new to the e-commerce space, then use the Klaviyo free premium account to sign up and get you started (the link is below). Unfortunately, the pricing for Ometria is customised based on the merchant and can be a ‘red flag’ when it comes to starting.

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