Klaviyo vs Dotdigital.

In this series, PAASE analyses Klaviyo against Dotdigital. Founded in 1999, Dotdigital helps you ‘harness the power of customer data to orchestrate cross-channel messaging delivering exceptional customer experience’.

An introduction to Klaviyo vs Dotdigital.

More recently, Dotdigital has been in the news for its share price. The marketing and customer engagement software company reported a strong start to the financial year with great improvements in organic revenue. Although, with reports of a slowdown in growth for the latter part of the year, shares have been starting to slip. 


Moving forward, Dotdigital invested a large sum into their research & development for their growth strategy. Will this be a turning point to improve their platform?

Klaviyo has recently appointed Josh Siegel as the Vice President of text messaging. Siegel brings extensive SAAS and B2B experience in the field of SMS. It’s no secret Klaviyo have been behind the curve with SMS with platforms like Blueprint and Yotpo, who are leaders in the market, but with Siegel onboard, is this the turbo charge Klaviyo needs to get out in front?


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Klaviyo features.

Klaviyo landing pages and forms

Klaviyo offer over 50 expertly made ready-to-go templates for a business to choose from. The ease of use means customers can customise their branding and simply publish. AI smart, Klaviyo can detect when a customer is about the leave the site and can send an ‘exit modal’ to engage them one last time.


Klaviyo segmentation


In Klaviyo, you can build numerous segments/lists based on different aspects – free of charge. Unlike other email marketing platforms, Klaviyo customer segments update automatically.


Klaviyo social search and retargeting


Klaviyo offers advanced targeting strategies to engage customers creatively. As Klaviyo dynamically syncs all the data, a merchant’s database will always be kept up to date.


Klaviyo reporting


Klaviyo produces ready-made reports that cover everything from email and SMS performance to revenue growth. A merchant can also build custom reports to examine metrics, campaigns, flows and product performance. The conversion tracking will allow a merchant to see which emails and texts drive sales.


Klaviyo personalisation


Personalisation is a core element of Klaviyo’s marketing. When it comes to creating an experience to send the right email, to the right person at the right time, Klaviyo has you covered.


Klaviyo recommendation


Klaviyo implements dynamic content to recommend the best possible products for a customer. These recommendations can be based on the customers browsing history, purchase history and characteristics. Recommendations are useful for cross-selling and up-selling.

Dotdigital features.

Dotdigital landing pages and forms


Focusing on customer acquisition, landing pages and forms are brilliant in growing email lists and getting to know your customer better. Dotdigital employs a drag and drop builder for these.


Dotdigital segmentation


Dividing the contacts into smaller targetable segments based on criteria, Dotdigital allows a merchant to deliver personalised, targeted campaigns to the right contacts based on behaviour, data, address, marketing preferences, and purchase behaviour.


Dotdigital social and search retargeting 


Dotdigital allows the merchant to use social and search using Google Ads and Facebook extensions to deliver consistent experiences, re-engage customers and drive sales with display ads.


Dotdigital reporting


Reporting allows a merchant to discover more about your audience, Dotdigital drills down into campaign data and learn with real-time results.


Dotdigital personalisation 


Dotdigital employs tailored campaigns with dynamic content and data-driven messages bringing customers a unique experience.


Dotdigital product recommendations


Recommendations are AI-driven, used from data on the e-commerce website to leverage items tailored to the customer and their preferences.


Dotdigital live chat


Unlike Klaviyo, Dotdigital features a live chat for clients wanting to handle queries fast and support purchases helping future customers.

Klaviyo pros & cons.

Klaviyo pros

• NB testing
• Greater control in the configuration
• Email template builder
• Simple API migration process
• Shopify integration
• Easy to use and customisable pop-ups
• Flows that allow for multiple decision trees
• Greater control of the automation
• Klaviyo supports placeholder URLs and variable sequences for dynamic images, which can be used to personalise images to each recipient


Klaviyo cons


• The reporting suite works well for campaign reporting but is limited for data analysis
• Costs can scale quickly as your database grows
• Pre-built flows are ok but do need optimisation
• With greater flexibility comes the need for better setup and control mechanisms to ensure that the database is optimised

Dotdigital pros & cons.

Dotdigital pros


• Drag and drop easy builder
• Omnichannel marketing automation
• Easy to design emails
• Live chat
• Real-time API’s
• Suitable for mid-size to enterprise companies


Dotdigital cons


• Only supports web-based applications
• Hard to get head around whole platform
• Additional costs with add-ons
• Only has a free 14-day trial
• Pricing is not available, so its difficult to analyse the cost and affordability of using their services
• Not suitable for small businesses

The last word.

If you’re looking for a centralised omnichannel platform with the latest customer engagement technology, seamlessly integrating with other tech stacks, then Klaviyo is your platform.


Firstly, if you were starting out on a new email service provider, Klaviyo is suited perfectly for you offering a free premium account. Secondly, if you are either a sizeable company or looking at options for add-ons then again, Klaviyo is depicted as the platform to align with your needs.


If you would like to check out Klaviyo and even set up your account then follow this link; Signup – Klaviyo.

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