Klaviyo vs Campaign Monitor.

“With email and SMS working together, our customers have an easy way to reach their audience across multiple touchpoints and drive further engagement,” said Desta Price, Chief Product Officer at CM Group. SMS has quickly become the pivotal move for 2022 with all omnichannel platforms pushing for the leading SAAS in the industry.

An introduction to Klaviyo vs Campaign Monitor.

Founded in 2012, Klaviyo has recently unveiled it’s new visual brand identity …what do we think? The customer platform has new SMS offerings to enhance multi-channel communication. Klaviyo offers a two way SMS conversation in the US, with texts in real-time with replies coming directly from Gorgias and Zendesk. If you’re in the UK, Klaviyo’s SMS capability is limited to one way. Although, where the unified platform knows where some of it’s weaknesses are, they make up in seamless integrations. 


Founded in 2004, Campaign Monitor is a global technology company that provides an email marketing platform with easy usability and powerful tools. As part of the CM Group family of brands, Campaign Monitor has the largest family in the Martech industry of email and multichannel marketing products. More recently, Campaign Monitor has announced SMS for customers to build stronger connections with their audience.

An Email Marketing Audit 

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At PAASE, we can evaluate every email service provider and provide a thorough analysis. Our discovery audit is a great way to identify gaps in your email marketing, and growth opportunities and to measure ongoing improvement. From quick fixes to huge opportunities, PAASE will supply honest feedback that will help you increase your email marketing revenue.

Klaviyo features.

Klaviyo email campaigns 

Klaviyo uses data-backed best practices in every template for maximum engagement. Klaviyo’s smart email marketing gives detailed data a merchant needs for hyper-personalisation. Klaviyo is the only platform that shows you how your marketing is doing compared to others in your industry.


Klaviyo personalisation


Klaviyo implements dynamic content to recommend the best possible products for a customer. These recommendations can be based on the customers browsing history, purchase history and characteristics.


Klaviyo pricing


Klaviyo offers a free premium account for all merchants starting. From there, Klaviyo can fulfil a merchant’s needs at every level of growth bringing the best-in-class e-commerce strategy.


Klaviyo segmentation


Grow your business with real-time data, with no coding or developers required. Klaviyo prioritises personalisation as a key component of email. With Klaviyo, a merchant can create as many segments necessary getting as granular as they like.


Klaviyo analytics


From pre-built report forms to building custom reports that get as granular as you’d like, Klaviyo is the only e-commerce marketing platform with built-in, personalized benchmarks, specific to your industry, growth rate, and other business characteristics.


Klaviyo SMS


In the UK, a merchant can benefit from multi-step forms to automatically send personalized follow-up texts to get more sales. Send browse and cart abandonment, price drop alerts, in-stock alerts, and other texts adding dynamic product images to show customers what they’re missing.

Campaign Monitor features.

Campaign Monitor email campaigns


Build and send in minutes with the drag and drop email builder. A merchant can benefit from using a robust set of tools such as the Countdown timer. Campaign Monitor has this coding in-house whereas Klaviyo needs to use a third-party integrations.


Campaign Monitor personalisation


Campaign monitor sets the groundwork for personalisation by storing custom data eg location, interests, gender etc. As mentioned with robust tools, segmentation tools allow a merchant to send targeted content to the right audience. Subscribers can even take control of their own data and input and update their own details.


Campaign Monitor pricing 


Campaign Monitor offers a two-week trial plan but does not offer a freemium. The basic plan starts at $9 quickly rising depending on the size of a merchant’s database.


Campaign Monitor analytics 


With complete sets of reports giving, you the data you need to revise your strategy and exceed your goals, Campaign Monitor also allows a merchant to get pre-send views into the deliverability of your campaign with spam testing and previews across multiple devices and email service providers. A merchant can also benefit from easy integrations from 3rd party analytic tools and gage a holistic view when it comes to email marketing to overall revenue.


Campaign Monitor SMS


New to the scene, Campaign Monitor has recently launched the SMS strategy. A merchant can benefit from link shorteners and automatic opt-out copy.

Klaviyo pros & cons.

Klaviyo pros


• A/B testing
• Greater control in the configuration
• Email template builder
• Simple API migration process
• Powerful segmentation
• Easy to use and customisable pop-ups
• Flows that allow for multiple decision trees
• Greater control of the automation
• Klaviyo supports placeholder URLs and variable sequences for dynamic images, which can be used to personalize images to each recipient
• Use marketing automation technologies to stay in touch with customers to capture new and existing customers eg basket abandonment, cart abandonment


Klaviyo cons


• The reporting suite works well for campaign reporting but is limited for data analysis
• Costs can scale quickly as your database grows
• Pre-built flows are ok but do need optimisation
• With greater flexibility comes the need for better setup and control mechanisms to ensure that the database is optimised

Campaign Monitor pros & cons.

Campaign Monitor pros


• Drag and drop builder
• Smart Sending
• Robust tools
• Segmentation
• Pre-send views
• 3rd party integrations


Campaign Monitor cons


• Limited split testing
• Only has a free 14-day trial
• Expensive Platform
• Support is email-only on all but the most expensive plan

The last word.

Klaviyo and Campaign Monitor are amongst the biggest titans in the omnichannel space. Whether you’re a start-up or have a team of experts for email marketing, Klaviyo has the competitive edge to maximise your revenue. 


With a free premium account to start with, to an easy migration onto the platform, Klaviyo is a more centralised platform with the latest customer engagement technology, seamlessly integrating with other tech stacks.

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